Apartments in a luxury complex in Djenovici

150 000

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Apartment in the new elite residential complex

76 560

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The new complex in the resort village of Becici

61 600

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New luxury complex in Morinj

88 819

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Luxury apartment in the Stoliv village

165 000

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Real estate agency ANTAREX works in the real estate market of Montenegro in the following areas:

Purchase and sale of real estate; Rental Property; Property management;  Investment projects; Consulting in acquiring and building a business in Montenegro;

The agency provides full customer support at all stages of work, as well as provides post-sales consulting and services.

New offers

A plot in Ljesevici

Montenegro, Lustica, Bigova Lot U3-385
2000 sq.m. 85 000

Commercial unit in Budva

Montenegro, Budva, Budva Lot K3-384
147 sq.m. 723 000

Commercial unit in Budva

Montenegro, Budva, Budva Lot K3-383
121 sq.m. 595 000

Articles and news

  • Clearance of the transaction


    Самостоятельная покупка квартиры – рискованное занятие в том случае, если вы не имеете соответствующего юридического образования или не покупаете ее у людей, которым можете доверять. При оформлении...

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