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76 560 Lot: A2-313-3
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The apartment is on the first floor of the building №6. Fully furnished. The area together with a terrace 60 sq. m. Includes: Living-dining room, terrace, bathroom and bedroom. The apartment comfortably accommodated 5 people. Three in the bedroom and two in living room. Sea views and the complex offers a terrace apartment. Description of complex: built on the Adriatic coast in the North - Western part of Montenegro (see map.) in a forested area in Herceg Novi. The population of this seaside town with all the area about 15 thousand people. It stretches along the coast and is a harmonious mix of old city with low-rise buildings in a Mediterranean style. Mostly three or four storey building. Pedestrian promenade with a length of about 12 km is filled with restaurants, cafes and shops. Along the promenade, a sandy-pebble beaches and places to relax with parasols and sun loungers. There are a variety of water sports, terraces with attractionmiami and table tennis and even a restaurant service charge "to the water". The town is immersed in greenery and flowers, everything has to sea side walks, cosy streets in the old town and the fortress Location is its big plus. The complex is located on an isolated forest area. The border runs a mountain river, provide shade in the summer; it is also a source of backup supply. Mountain water is poured in all pools. Down to the sea and promenade, 7 min walk. However, moving (sideways) on the bridge over the river, immediately find yourself in a dense and completely built-up forest with endless forest tracks. (The array is not subject to development). If you go to the other side of the river, all shops and other infrastructure of the city also within walking distance. ADRIA MONTENEGRO is a modern low-rise complex in a Mediterranean style. Total area 4 500 sq. m. Total 9 houses, although visually there are only six (three dual). Each building has a separate building permit. The property does not have a recurring plan. Even within one building the top and bottom flats differ from each other by the presence of terraces and additional rooms. The decision of the State Commission for supervision of the construction of the complex was commissioned in may 2015, the premises are very spacious, mostly two and three-bedroom apartments, ranging in size from 70 to 140 square meters. However, the complex has a few studios and small apartments. On the upper floors are penthouses including two-story, ranging in size from 140 to 280 sq. m. Two buildings, closer to the river, designed for those who would like to live in a separate house. Building # 1 is a townhouse with a total area of 500 sqm on two owners, and the house No. 2 is a house on a single host, with an area of about 300 sq. m. Both buildings have their own dedicated plot of land and the embankment of a mountain river. All the flats have a non-overlapping panoramic sea views. Each apartment includes a free Parking space. The surrounding area completely terrazitovye and lined with natural stone. Three large pools for adults and pool for children are the adornment of the complex around the pools are recreational areas, children's Playground, barbecue area and gazebo for relaxing. In pools filled with pure water from a mountain river. In the summer, especially when hot, you can swim not only in the pool but in the river, and the trees over it to protect from direct sunlight. In this sense, the position of the complex is unique and in conjunction with the landscape design creates a comfortable and unique environment for vacationers. Structurally, buildings are made in reinforced concrete frame and a monolithic reinforced concrete slabs. The walls consist of hollow brick and double-glazed Windows. The facade and roof insulated with Styrofoam with a thickness of 60 mm. Finishes wall design natural stone and Boulet. The inside walls are plastered and painted white.


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