Luxury Villa on the Peninsula Lustica

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Property type:

280 000 Lot: D1-017
Design improvements
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Three-storey Villa of 300 sqm with five luxury apartments in an enclosed, well maintained area - 350 sqm. Mirista village.

Apartments have a private entrance. Private Parking.

All apartments are comfortably equipped with kitchen, air-conditioning, bathrooms with a modern shower cabin, washing machine and new appliances. TV with Russian channels, Internet.

Swimming pool, gazebo, barbecue, Parking place.

The Villa is located on the Lustica Peninsula. This is the most calm , quiet, green place in Montenegro. Even in the stormy season, during the busy months in July and August, our guest, you will be able to enjoy nature, the birds singing, the rustling of the leaves, not the noise of the resort life. . And, with it, swim on the best beaches of Montenegro - Žanjica, Porto Rosa, the mirište area, Isolation, Plavi Horizont, Paddle.

The Lustica Peninsula is the place for a quiet , relaxing family holiday. At the same time, on the beaches, you will find a large selection of restaurants where you can wait out the daytime heat, a tasty lunch or a nice evening with live music.


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