Urbanized plot with a project in Igalo

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Property type:

160 000 80 000 -50% Lot: U2-277
Distance to sea
300 m
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For sale urbanized, flat plot in Igalo. The plot is located next to the road, all communications are brought, to the embankment and beaches 10 minutes walking distance in a straight line without slides and slopes. Prepared the pre-project for total area of 900 sqm (gross). Great offer for the construction of a private house or apartment building for sale or rent.

The total plot area 1100 sqm.

Igalo - is the best medical and health resort in Montenegro, located at the foot of the Orjen mountain range, which has its own particular climate. On the slopes surrounding the region, laurel and oak groves, an abundance of medicinal herbs and flowers, in combination with the sea breeze of the Adriatic, give a unique, healing air. Institute. Simo Milosevic in Igalo is known for hydrotherapy and is recognized throughout Europe. The basis of recreational tourism in Igalo are equipped and “wild” sources of mineral water and rhodon mud, which are excellent in treating joints, so tourists aspire here all year round. The beaches in Igalo are mostly concrete, in some places sand and pebbles. The coast is very shallow, which is great for children and those who can not swim. Infrastructure - loungers and umbrellas, changing rooms, showers, toilet, rescue service, parking, catering establishments, sports grounds.