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Montenegro freelance program


Montenegro is confidently moving into the EU and is actively adopting the experience of European countries in the field of interaction with the IT sphere.

Following Croatia, Estonia and other countries, the Montenegrin government has developed a program to attract freelancers. The goal of this program is to create favorable migratory conditions for the life and work of digital nomads.

In July 2022, amendments were made to the Law on Foreigners, thanks to which specialists working in the IT field can now obtain a residence permit in Montenegro. And in December, by-laws and requirements for applicants' documents were adopted.

As part of the program, freelancers and people working remotely have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Montenegro for a period of 2 years, with the right to extend for another 2 years. After this period - 4 years - it will be possible to apply for a residence permit on the same basis in 6 months. This makes it impossible to obtain permanent residence in the future (at the same time, in neighboring Croatia, a residence permit for a nomad is issued for 1 year, without the right to renew. You can apply for a temporary residence permit again after six months).


Who can apply for a digital nomad residence permit?

In the text of the law, a digital nomad (freelancer) is defined as a foreign citizen who works via the Internet (employed or works) for foreign companies or for their own legal entity registered outside Montenegro.


For a long-term stay in Montenegro on this basis, there are two options:

• Residence permit for a nomad for 2 years (without the possibility of obtaining permanent residence in the future)

• National Montenegrin visa D. This visa gives the right to stay in the country up to 90 days from the date of the first entry within 180 days (rule 90/180).


If the citizenship of the applicant gives the right to visa-free entry to Montenegro (not for tourist purposes), then you can apply for documents already in the country.

If the applicant’s citizenship requires visa entry, then you must first submit documents at the Montenegrin embassy or consulate in the country of citizenship, obtain a D visa. Then, use this visa to enter Montenegro and apply for a nomad residence permit.


List of documents required to obtain a residence permit for nomads:

• Employment contract, contract, other document confirming the fact that work was performed remotely for a foreign legal entity or one's own, registered outside of Montenegro.

• Police clearance certificate issued no earlier than 6 months before applying for a residence permit.

• Documents confirming financial security (monthly income) for the year preceding the application for a residence permit: at least three minimum monthly salaries in Montenegro, 1350 euros. (the minimum monthly salary in Montenegro at the moment is 450 euros).

• A document confirming the availability of a place to live: certificate of ownership of residential property; real estate lease agreement; confirmation of stay from an economic entity, legal entity or individual entrepreneur with a license to rent residential premises.

• Medical insurance issued by an international or other insurance company. The validity period must be at least 30 days on the date of submission of documents.

• A document confirming the availability of compulsory medical insurance and pension provision at the place of registration of the employer.

• For citizens of countries providing for a visa regime with Montenegro - a national Montenegrin visa D.


A residence permit for a nomad does not give the right to work or provide services in Montenegro, as there is a source of income - a salary in a foreign company. But at the same time, nomads are exempted from paying taxes and keeping tax records on the territory of Montenegro for labor activity, on the basis of which they receive a salary.

Freelancers' family members - spouses and minor children - are also eligible to receive a residence permit.


If you want to get a residence permit in Montenegro as a digital nomad, our agency will help you collect a package of documents and submit it to the relevant departments.


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