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Reasons to buy an apartment or house in Montenegro, and then move, quite a lot. This is the cleanest Adriatic Sea, and more than 240 sunny days a year, and a beautiful environment. Responsive and benevolent people live here,  and also to comfortably raise children in a mild climate and non-criminal environment. An additional bonus is the opportunity to get a one-year visa.

In 2015, the state allowed foreigners who own real estate to apply for annual visas and, based on these visas, stay in Montenegro 365 days a year.

      And in 2018, after the adoption of the new Aliens Act, the situation became even better. There is a possibility that after 5 years of continuous residence, you will be able to apply for permanent residence and after another 5 years - for the citizenship of Montenegro. Of course, subject to compliance with the law.

What is important, there are no restrictions on the value of real estate. It does not matter how much your apartment or house is worth: 40 or 140 thousand euros. The main condition - it must be a residential object or office space. A plot of land without a house or a garage is not a reason for obtaining a one-year visa.


Making a visa for real estate in Montenegro for the first time, you must provide the following documents:
- original passport;
- the original certificate of non-conviction with an apostille and a translation into the Montenegrin language, which is made and certified by a licensed court translator;
- A document confirming the ownership of the property;
- an extract from the Montenegrin bank about the availability of 3,650 euros on your account;
- medical insurance for a period of 1 month;

As you can see, everything is as simple as possible. And when extending the annual visa, it is enough to provide only a passport, a previous permit for temporary residence and a document confirming the ownership of the property. Agree that there are few in which developed countries of the world there are such simple conditions for obtaining an annual visa.